Commercial and Residential Skylighting Installation

Eliminate the need for artificial lighting in your commercial building or residential home with skylights and solar tubes from Reit Group Roofing & Restoration

Reit Group Roofing & Restoration is dedicated to installing high-quality skylights and solar tubes that can allow you to turn off your electric lights during the day and reduce energy during peak demand by up to 80%. This reduction in energy can mean tremendous savings for buildings that operate during the daytime like schools, offices, warehouses, factories, and retail stores. Furthermore, the natural light can help to create a healthier environment for your most valuable assets – your tenants and employees. Skylights can help reduce your homes electric bill up to 80% as well, allowing a financial cushion to go towards other fun things for your family!

Benefits Of SKylighting

  • Increase workplace productivity with natural lighting
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Return on Investment under 3 years.