It shouldn’t surprise you that the lifespan of your roof diminishes in time. The typical roof requires a variety of repairs throughout the years because weather wears and tears it. Most times, the fixes are minor, and you can handle them on yourself if you have the right skills. But some of them are major, and it takes the knowledge of a professional to solve them. This means that you have to decide if you hire a handyman or a contractor to handle the roof repairs. 


Who should you hire to repair your damaged roof?

Before highlighting the pros and cons of each option, try to understand the terms. 

A contractor is an expert who operates by use of a company. Most times, they are professionals who own or work for a small company, set up by an individual specialized in handling roof installation and repair jobs. They can work through an agreed contract for a limited period. 

The handyman is an expert who has skills in multiple domains, roof repairs being just one of them. They often offer their services locally and handle from interior and exterior repair to equipment installation and maintenance. The same handy worker can install your toilet and fix your roof. But should you work with a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to a damaged roof?

Hiring a roofing contractor

They are professionals, and they can handle from roof installation to maintenance and repair. Most work locally, so they know the particularities of the area, and have connections with other contractors and even insurance providers. When you need roof repair, the contractor and their crew will take charge of it. They are professionals with expertise in the field, and they can handle critical maintenance. 

If you replace the roof, hire a contractor because they’re qualified to assess the needs of the house, and recommend a solution. When living in a hurricane-prone area, it’s best to work with a certified contractor because they provide warranty for all jobs and make sure the roof withstands a wind storm. 

The roofing contractor can handle multiple jobs, from leak repair to sheathing replacement and ridge vent addition. 

Hiring a handyman

For a handy worker, there are few jobs they cannot do. But for roof repairs, it’s best to double-check because the top of the house influences the overall performance of the house. For small repairs, hire a handyman because it’ll save you around 20% on the job. But most repairs the handyman can perform, you can also do it if you research and acquire the skills. 

You can work with a handyman if you need to replace a few shingles the wind blew off, fix minor damage near the eaves due to winter frost, repair the downspouts and gutters, or add insulation to the attic. As long as the issue doesn’t impact the overall roofing structure or other parts of the house, a handyman can handle the job.

But when you want to remove the old roof (or part of it) and replace it with a new one, hire a contractor. An expert should complete any task that involves the replacement of large sections flashing or ridge vent. They can give you an estimate of the project and the warranty the roof will last for a couple of decades. 

If this is the first time the roof requires repairs, it’s challenging to decide if you should contact a handyman or qualified contractor. A handyman will always have lower prices than a contractor, but they lack the needed skills to complete a significant roof fix, and in such a time, an expert will always do a better job. 



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