Roof Maintenance

Fix Property Problems Before They Start

When it comes to roofs, “pay now or pay later” definitely applies.

Do not wait until it is too late, and your expenses hurt your pockets. Here at Reit Group Roofing & Restoration we provide budget friendly, referral programs, as well as financing. We will not allow our customers to stress even more about their roof repairs after a storm.

Maintenance Benefits

  • Maintain Your Manufacturer’s Warranty

Most roofing manufacturer warranties require that all components of a roof are maintained regularly to ensure maximum performance. If not properly maintained your warranty could be voided

  • Find Problems Before they Start

Many damages are difficult to see from the ground, our free inspection provides what you need to be aware of the expenses and repairs



    • Extend Roof Service Life

    Catching little damages in the beginning can prevent having large fees added up. Just as a car needs maintenance and a smog check, roofs need to be maintained throughout the intense weather conditions

    • Can Qualify for Restoration and Coatings

    We do roof cleaning, repairing, and restoring to “like-new” condition

    Preventive Roof Maintenance Program

    The only thing that can cause more stress than managing your roof’s maintenance is dealing with a leaky roof. Our Preventative Roof Maintenance Program is designed to remove the stress from your hands by performing regular inspections to catch leaks or other problems before they damage your home or business.

    We offer a preventive maintenance program, that is not only designed to prevent major roof leaks, but also to help prevent the stress of you having to deal with a major disaster!

    We ensure to meet your needs and budget. With our experience and expertise in providing leak repair and maintenance solutions for customers in Texas, you can trust that our team can help extend the life of your roof system, and ensure you avoid a disastrous leak or roof system failure.

    Call Reit Today to schedule your free roof evaluation!