Preventative Maintenance

When it comes to roof maintenance or the lack of it, even intelligent business owners and managers make costly mistakes. Maintenance does pay and will save you much heart ache and headaches in the long run.

Why Do I Need Roof Preventative Maintenance

  • To extend your roof’s life
  • Can prevent early deterioration
  • Last minute maintenance costs are expensive
  • Can detect early signs of mold
  • Prevents leaks that could cause extensive interior damages as well as interruption in your business

When to Do Roof Preventative Maintenance?

Recommended twice per year and after significant weather events. Usually during the spring in fall for secured preparation.



    Prepare for Summer Storms

    Have an expert Reit Group Roofing Inspector…

    • Look for any damages due changing temperatures
    • Detect ponding water that could penetrate seems, vents, or other areas
    • Unclog drains and gutters to prevent significant damages
    • Identify potential weak spots before intense storms to protect your investment and business

    Prepare Your Roof for Winter

    In Northern States Winterization

    • Moderates the risk of the occasional daily freeze/thaw cycle (stretches roofing materials to breaking point)
    • Debris removal
    • Drain and gutter clearing
    • Overall evaluation of the roof’s condition

    Why Choose REIT Group Roofing?

    Here at Reit Group Roofing & Restoration, we carry out an initial inspection of all sites to get a baseline data of your existing roofs and their current condition.You review the report first and decide on what work gets performed and when at your convenience. A preventive maintenance program can help keep your manufacturer’s warranty in-tact. Regular maintenance can help avoid substantial soft costs compared to those of a non-maintenance approach, such as: accident risk due to a slip and fall, a company’s reputation, tenant or employee morale, production downtime, interior damage, and hidden damage such as deck deterioration.Studies show that scheduled maintenance repairs are one-third the cost of emergency repairs.

    Who Will Do Your Preventative Maintenance?

    • Our certified trained roofing inspector creates a report with repairs listed in order of priority, pricing and recommendations
    • Our professional roofing expert will notify you of the frequency of additional inspections that can vary based on the condition of your roof
    • We will provide photos of any problematic area with a detailed estimate for repairs