New Construction Roof Installation

We ensure our customers satisfaction, meeting their budget and getting the job done smoothly and with little to no interruptions of everyday life. Let us be your roofer!

Here at Reit Group Roofing and Restoration we can design and build commercial and residential roofing systems from the ground up for your new construction projects.

We can design your new roof project from the ground up. We offer a comprehensive analysis of your existing structure and can custom design a plan to suite your needs, wants, and budget. We will provide you with the options you need to make your building or home exactly what you dream of and execute the job with our personal commitment.

At Reit Group Roofing & Restoration we have employees in divisions of all area of construction in-house, so you can be worry-free that your new construction roofing project will be completed on time, and within your budget.



    New Construction Solutions

    • Built-Up:

      Built-up roofing is defined as the installation of multiple layers of bitumen.

    • Coatings:

      Roof coating becomes the topcoat of a complex roof membrane and underlying system. Receiving the impact of sunlight (both infrared and ultraviolet (UV)), rain, hail and physical damage; the roof coating is the layer of protection for the membrane.

      Many facility owners choose to restore their commercial roofs rather than replace them when the warranty comes to expire. This is a smart choice that can save them money, create energy savings and renew their warranty coverage.

    • Modified Bitumen:

      Modified Bitumen roofing systems provide a durable, imperishable, and weather resistant for low slope roof choices.

    • Metal:

      Metal roofing is popular because of its outstanding design flexibility, durability, and economical costs.

    • Single-Ply:

      Single-ply roofing consists of one ply of waterproofing membrane, most efficient for low-slope operations.

    • Shingles:

      A shingle is a thin oblong piece of material that is laid in overlapping rows to cover the roof or sides.

    • Solar:

      Solar roof panels are now made of diverse materials that replace traditional roof materials. These products are available as metal roofing, slate or concrete tiles, asphalt shingles, and flat roof panels. The PV solar cells in the roofing materials are semiconductor utensils that convert sunlight to direct current electricity. The electricity created by the solar roof materials is converted to interchanging current and can be stored in a battery for later use.

    • Tile:

      Roof tiles are originally made from locally available materials such as terracotta or slate and are designed mainly to keep out rain. The roof tiles are ‘hung’ from the roof framework by fixing them with nails.