When the hurricane season comes, all homeowners get into the survival mode because they must be ready to evacuate their houses at any moment. 

Hurricane after hurricane, and storm after storm wreak havoc across the state. Every year, powerful storms pound the region with heavy rains and powerful winds, cause damage to homes, and sweep the area, downing power lines and trees. 

After a storm or hurricane, first is safety. Please don’t climb on the roof because it may be structurally unsound or slippery. Inspect the house from soil level using a pair of good binoculars to look for damaged gutters, cracked, split or dislodged shingles. Chances are the roof to be in bad shape after a severe storm rolls through your region, so you must hire storm damage repair contractors. Finding a roofing company to repair the damage and protect your house against future damage is challenging because it’s hard to recognize the signs that point a less-than-reliable homeowner. 

The following guidelines should help you avoid a nightmare and hire the right contractor


Work with an experienced contractor

Hire a storm damage repair contractor that has experience in handling storm repairs and has a proven track record. You may think this is an obvious tip, but homeowners often overlook it when they’re desperate to repair their roof before another storm hits. Check online to find the company’s rating and read reviews on Yelp, Angie’s List, or other review platforms to find out what other clients’ experience was with a repair contractor. 

Check the quality of work

Before hiring a company to fix the roof, you’ll want to make sure the work they carry meets the highest standards, so you can relax knowing that another storm won’t damage the rest of the house or disturb your life. You don’t want to put with a leaky roof twice in a year. Reach previous clients to find out what they think of working with the contractor you’re considering. Ask them if you can visit the house to inspect the condition of the roof the contractor installed or repaired. 

Hire a fully-insured contractor

A fully-insured storm damage repair company is a no-brainer. Additional warranty and a preferred supplier are signs of a reputable contractor. Ask the company if they offer a warranty on their storm damage repairs and coverage for the roofs their install from scratch. When the contractor recommends using shingles from a manufacturer, they work with, look for coverage on the product itself. When you trust your property to a contractor, you want to look for a high standard of quality and reliability.  

Work with local experts

While national contractors aren’t less qualified to offer storm damage repairs, a local one may be better suited to manage the situation. Why? They are familiar with the region and climate, they also have connections with insurance providers, other contractors, and material providers, so they can help you navigate the damage repair process smoothly. Also, a local expert is nearby if you need emergency repairs or you want to handle an additional project. 

The contractor hires only competent workers

Check the credentials for the entire crew, not only for the company. When the contractor works with the same professionals for years, it means they invest in training them and trust their skills. Working with a competent and skills tea should bring you peace of mind. To assess their knowledge, question them about the repair work they intend to handle. Once you find a competent crew hang on them because roof storm damage repair is a complicated task and if you’ll have to deal with it again, you want to know the contractor can handle the job. 

When your home suffers storm damage, you want to make sure the contractor fixes your house professionally, properly, and quickly. 



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