An ice dam is a ridge of ice formed at the borders of a roof that prevents the melting snow from draining off the roof. Our roofing company is to prevent ice dams contact your ice dam problems. Ice dams formed due to the freezing of ice or snow into a solid lump of ice in the gutter. Heat exiting from the house melts the snow and ice lying above the ice dam which cannot drain off the roof as the ice dam is blocking its way. Hence, this water clogs up under the shingles and leaks into the house damaging the ceilings, walls, and floors,

When Do Ice Dams Form?

Ice dams are formed during the winter season. The factors contributing to ice dams are snow, long-term cold, and guttering. When there is heavy snowfall, the snow builds up in the gutters and as long as the temperature stays cold, the snow becomes hard ice.

What should be done if an ice dam occurs?

Firstly, get the snow off the roof. It is a dangerous process and so homeowners should not get on the roof by themselves to remove the snow. Secondly, the ice dam should be removed. The ice should not be chopped away. Ice melt products can be put into a stocking and it can be put on top of the ice dam to start the melting process.Ice Dams

How Can We Prevent Ice Dams?

Firstly, ice and water shields should be installed at the corners of the roof at the time of new roof installation. This material must extend beyond the exterior wall of the house for about 24 inches. The nails used are also sealed by a waterproof material to prevent water from intruding through the nail holes. Secondly, appropriate insulation is needed. Heat loss might occur due to a lack of proper insulation. This heat rises and causes the melting of snow. When the snow melts, the water is blocked by the ice dam at the gutter area, and hence the water leaks into the house. Thirdly, sufficient attic ventilation is very important. Without the right ventilation, the attic would be heated by the hot and moist air rising from the living areas. This causes the snow to melt and clog up under the shingles. Good attic ventilation helps the air to circulate and reduce snow melting on the roof.

The conclusion about ice dams is that hiring a roofing company and having a good roof installed with ice and snow shield at the gutters, proper ventilation, and proper insulation helps in preventing ice dams. Removal of snow should always be done by professional roofers who are equipped with the latest technologies and tools.

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