Emergency Roof Repair

When you experience a sudden roof leak in your commercial or residential roof, we will respond to your emergency call and fix your problem fast.

The weather in Texas can change in an instant. That is why Reit Group Roofing & Restoration is always on call and ready for action. We are always on call and prepared to help homeowners and businesses recover from severe weather damages following major storms and hurricanes with fast professional roof repair services.

With our experienced and well-trained emergency roofing repair experience in Texas, Reit Group Roofing & Restoration has seen many storms come through the state from Hurricane Ike in 2008 to Hurricane Harvey in 2017. With our vast experience supporting disaster relief efforts, we are called on by both private and public organizations to help repair, reconstruct, and provide temporary roofs following a major storm.



    What Makes Us A Good Fit For You

    • Years of Commercial and Residential Roof Leak Repair Experience
    • Can Repair All Commercial and Residential Roof Systems
    • Available 24/7-365 Days Per Year
    • Friendly and Knowledgeable Technicians
    • Fully Stocked Vehicles
    • Multiple Office Locations Throughout Texas
    • Cloud-Based Roof Asset Management Software
    • Clean and Tidy Service


    When you’ve suffered a flood or an escape of water, removing the standing water as quickly as possible is crucial.

    Not only will standing water start to seep into the construction of your building (making it more complex to thoroughly dry), but if left to sit, greywater can quickly turn into black. Blackwater contains a variety of hazardous pathogens which can make anyone who comes into contact with it very sick.

    Whether you’ve been victim to a water main burst, an overflowing river, or an uncontrollable leak within your property, quick action will help prevent secondary damage and can help keep costs to a minimum.

    At Reit Group Roofing and Restoration, our rapid response team can be onsite within 2 hours of receiving your call where we will use industry-leading technology and equipment to begin the water extraction process. Once this is complete, we can begin the drying process straight away, without unnecessary delays.

    Our technicians are highly experienced and skilled in water extraction and every situation will be treated individually, ensuring the most efficient process for each individual incident. This means there’s no unnecessary costs, disruption or downtime for you and means that we’ll have you back up and running as normal and quickly as possible.

    If flood or standing water is not extracted quickly, the drying process becomes more complex and will take much longer, mold growth becomes a real risk, the construction of your property becomes jeopardized and it becomes a serious health hazard to all exposed.

    Contact us at Reit Group Roofing and Restoration today to find out more about our water extraction and drying services.


    After a fire, the lingering odor can be enough to prevent the building or home from being habitable, even once the clean-up is complete. That’s why at Reit Group Roofing and Restoration, we pride ourselves on giving you the complete solution – fire and smoke odor elimination, guaranteed.

    If not treated correctly, fire and smoke odor can remain in a building or home for an indefinite amount of time; becoming trapped behind walls, in cavities and embedded into the fabric of the building/homes upholstery. When the temperature increases (such as on a hot summer’s day), the pores within porous materials will re-open, re-releasing the odor back into the air.

    Many companies struggle with completely removing smoke and fire odor, but at Reit Group Roofing and Restoration  we only use  industry-leading technology with top brands  that  are known for for  performance in neutralizing odors and effectiveness that can mitigate the need for otherwise extensive cleaning and/or strip-outs and replacements.

    With our rapid response, we can be on site with you within 2 hours of receiving your call. We will work with you to provide a suitable works program that focuses on minimizing disruption and maximizing efficiency – saving you time, costs, and inconvenience.

    A fire often results in more than smoke and soot damage. Whether it’s from firefighting efforts, a sprinkler system, or even a false alarm, water damage is often inevitable following a fire incident.

    While it’s imperative to start fire remediation quickly to prevent secondary damage, it’s also important to not delay in addressing water damage too.

    If your building or home is saturated from firefighting attempts, you need to ensure that water is extracted and the drying process is started as soon as possible. If the building is left damp, further issues can arise; some may not become apparent until months – even years – later.

    Water damage from a fire shouldn’t be ignored. Rot and mold are the biggest risks, both of which can cause significant structural damage if left untreated – not to mention the health risks associated with them.

    With a wide range of industry leading equipment, here at Reit Group Roofing and Restoration we can assist from start to finish. Not only can we be there within 2 hours of receiving your call, but we’ll minimize disruption by managing and completing the drying of the building, through to the fire damage cleaning and restoration.

    Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we offer a rapid response to avoid unnecessary delays and costs.


    When your home or business is damaged by flood, fire, hail damage or vandalism, Reit Group Roofing and Restoration Emergency Board Up and Roof Cover Services will prevent further damage and limit your liability until more permanent repairs can be made.

    What Is Included in Emergency Board Up and Roof Cover Service?

    When you call for an emergency board up and Roof Cover service, an inspector will tour your property and make specific recommendations based on the type of damage. If the roof of the building or home is damaged, the board up service will secure a tarp over the opening to prevent rain and debris from damaging the interior of the building. If windows or doorways are broken, they will cut and secure plywood over the openings to prevent vandalism and theft as well as damage from the elements.


    A hurricane can be a scary time. But if you live in a hurricane-prone area, you should hire a pro! Whether you are a business owner or homeowner, you want to protect your property during hurricane season. Give us a call today at the Reit Group Roofing and Restoration and let us help you prepare your roof for hurricane season! Peak of hurricane season is from mid-August to late October, so this is something to schedule an appointment with one of our roofing experts ahead of time!