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Roofing Repair Austin And Houston, Texas

REITGroup Roofing and Restoration Company is your Hometown Roofer in Austin and Houston. The property owners of Texas can rely on us for all their roofing needs. Roof maintenance is very essential, and you don’t have to worry about it

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Facts About Ice Dams

An ice dam is a ridge of ice formed at the borders of a roof that prevents the melting snow from draining off the roof. Our roofing company is to prevent ice dams contact your ice dam problems. Ice dams

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Why You should hire a local roof repair contractor and how to vet them

Need roof repair services? Here’s why you should hire a local roof repair contractor instead of repairing it yourself.    Fixing your broken roof or replacing it all-together isn’t an easy task. So, before you search for a few DIY

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Why annual roofing maintenance is a must

Most people don’t think much about their roof until there’s an issue that needs fixing. Needless to say, dealing with roofing problems is both a costly and nerve-wracking process. Once they happen you have no other choice but to sort

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Should I Hire a Contractor or a Handyman for my Damaged Roof

It shouldn’t surprise you that the lifespan of your roof diminishes in time. The typical roof requires a variety of repairs throughout the years because weather wears and tears it. Most times, the fixes are minor, and you can handle

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Building Inspiring Spaces

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