The roof of your house is often exposed to extreme weather conditions, especially if you are living in an area with plenty of rain and snow. If left unattended, a leaky roof can cause significant damage to your house and may force you to pull some serious money out of your pocket.

If water starts leaking through the ceiling, then it is obvious you need to take a good look at your roof, but by the time this happens, most of the damage is already done. However, if you learn how to inspect your house periodically and spot even the slightest signs of a leaking roof, then you can act fast and prevent major damage from happening. 

To help you out, here are three signs your roof may be leaking and needs a thorough inspection. 


Stains on the ceiling or walls

It’s not necessary for water to start pouring through the walls and ceiling for you to determine if there is a leakage anywhere. Even the smallest water stains can mean serious damage to the structure of your house.

Water stains are pretty easy to spot, as they usually look like a puddle on the ceiling and have a brownish color. In some darker corners, however, small water stains can be harder to spot, which is why you should inspect every little part of your ceiling and walls thoroughly. 

Minor discoloration, especially in older homes, is often natural. Still, if you spot some distinct stains, then it might be a sign you need to contact a roofing company and ask for a thorough examination. 

Small leaks usually take a few hours to patch, which means a good roofing team should be in and out of your house fast and with no fuss.  


Musty smells and mold

As you get used to the natural smell of your house, it will get easy to spot any nasty or distinct smell that may be coming up as a result of a leaky roof. If the smell lasts for more than a few days, then it is almost certain you have a leaky roof that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. 

These musty smells often come from the insulation, which gets wet and moldy from the water. You will need to check your attic thoroughly, to identify the damage and do something about it fast. 

Indoor mold can be spotted either in the corners of your roof, around the vents or near light fixtures, so pay close attention to those areas in your house. The issue with mold is not only that is smells and looks bad, but it can also be a hazard to your health. A moldy house can lead to respiratory infections, pneumonia or even asthma, so make sure you contact a reputable roofing company to take care of the issue as soon as possible. 


Curled shingles and dripping sounds

If you hear a faint dripping sound even when all faucets are turned off, then you might be dealing with a leaky roof. Check your attic for signs of leakage and make sure you also inspect your roof from the outside, as there might be small cracks or curled shingles that are not visible from the inside. 

When the weather gets cold, curled shingles can lead to ice damage as well. As ice or snow melts, water gets under the shingles and freezes again, damaging them for good. As ice freezes under the shingles, leaks will start happening the moment it starts to melt, and they might cause severe issues to the walls, ceiling and electrical installation. 

Contact your local roofing company and ask them to come take care of the problem before it becomes dangerous.  



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